• Q1 2017 Business Report

    Q1 2017 has been a doozy. I’m not sure if it’s a larger market trend or we simply neglected to develop our pipeline towards the end of last year. Regardless, dealflow is down significantly and revenue is suffering. On the upside, we continue to experiment with marketing and service offerings to find our niche.

  • Q4 2016 Business Report

    Q4 2016 started off dire. A much needed vacation unfortunately meant no revenue for the entire month of October. But we finished strong. Read on to find out more.

  • 9 Things Threatening Your Bootstrapped Business

    Bootstrapping a business is great. It isn’t necessarily easy and it doesn’t get much love in our venture-backed world these days, but I’ve used bootstrapping multiple times (to varying levels of success) and would do it again in a heartbeat.

  • 5 Chatbots We Wish Existed

    Chatbots are getting a lot of attention these days but as the industry is in its infancy, many of the bots are simplistic or only valuable in a very narrow context.

  • Q3 2016 Business Report

    Q3 2016 was a mediocre quarter for Epsilon Eight in terms of revenue but we were able to do work with some really amazing people.

  • Q2 2016 Business Report

    Q2 2016 was another record quarter for Epsilon Eight but I’m nervous headed into Q3. While most of this revenue came from a single contract, several other clients also contributed. Efforts to stockpile more cash didn’t pan out the way Id hoped. And we currently don’t have much work lined up for the next several months. RailsCare sales efforts also didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.

  • Dealing with Technical Debt

    How you fix technical debt can determine how quickly you fix bugs and release new features. Read on to find out several ways to tackle technical debt.

  • Q1 2016 Business Report

    Things have been busy this quarter…so busy in fact that I’ve hardly had time to blog at all, which is why you’re getting a quarterly report rather than a monthly report.

  • Getting Started with Recurly

    Long-term business is synonymous with one thing: recurring payments. When your customers will owe you multiple payments over a period of weeks or months, subscription billing management services like Recurly are the go-to option for subscription billing, management, and dunning management features.

  • How are Credit Card Transactions Processed?

    While it may just be a swipe, a quick signature, and an approval at the transaction register, the procedure behind completing a credit card transaction is a long and detailed process.

  • Announcing

    Epsilon Eight is always looking for customer problems to solve. One such problem we’ve identified is that many services only allow you to deliver webhooks to a single destination. This is particularly frustrating if you want to sync, for instance, payment notifications to both your CRM, an analytics platform, and/or Slack channel.

  • Getting Started with Braintree/Paypal

    In the world of online payments, many individuals and businesses consider PayPal king. However, the realm of sending and receiving online payments is evolving.

  • Programming Challenges are an Anti-Pattern

    In our experience, software engineers spend less than 5% of their time using anything that resembles your typical white-boarding programming challenge. In this post we make the case that programming challenges are an anti-pattern and that they became standard practice not because they are particularly good at assessing engineering talent but because they shift the burden from the interviewer/company to the candidate.

  • Meet Epsilon Eight

    It is with great pleasure that I announce Epsilon Eight, a software consulting company that helps businesses build scalable web software.