Chatbots are getting a lot of attention these days but as the industry is in its infancy, many of the bots are simplistic or only valuable in a very narrow context.

For example, Dominos recently launched a Messenger bot for ordering pizza. But the context is comically narrow.

Dominos Chatbot

Feel free to try it out here.

So, here we describe five chatbots that provide overwhelming value.

1. Tutor Bots

Teachers need help in the classroom. Subject-specific chatbots could improve learning and free teachers up for more one-on-one help.

A tutor bot could:

  • flash-card style question/answer with students
  • provide novel explanations for difficult concepts
  • provide example problems and answers
  • describe step by step instructions for solving problems

2. Wealth management bots

Financial literacy is abismally low. Approximately 26% of adults have no savings, and another 36% have yet to start saving for retirement.

Companies like Wealthfront and Betterment are a step in the right direction by providing robo-investing retirment management but what if an intelligent chatbot could manage your spending, saving, bills, and retirement accounts?

A wealth management bot could:

  • track your spending
  • make recommendations on how to save money
  • forecast your spending, saving, or retirement
  • siphon money into a savings or retirement account
  • alert you when you’ve reached a variety of benchmarks

Digit is a great start, but I’d love to see the scope of responsibility extended. You’d effectively have your own CFO.

3. Personal assistant bots

Only recently has globalisation made personal assistants economically viable for the average person. Zirtual provides virtual assistants for as little as $400/mo. We believe everyone in the next 10 years will have an artificially intelligent personal assistant.

Such an assitant will:

  • order your groceries
  • send you reminders for meetings, holidays, and important emails you’ve been ignoring
  • make sure your bills are paid on time
  • pay off your credit card
  • generate and schedule date nights or outings with friends

4. Networking Bots

In the business world, at least part of your value is tied to your network. And maintaining this network can be difficult and time consuming.

Software like Contactually can help but what if a networking bot could do more?

Such a bot could:

  • keep track of who you met at conferences and auto add them on LinkedIn
  • remind you to send “checkin” emails
  • schedule quarterly meetings with important clients
  • send thank you cards to valuable connections

5. Health bots

Managing your health is a never-ending battle. It’s even more burdensome if you have a family!

A health bot could:

  • check your schedule and auto book appointments
  • send your prescription to you to be scanned at your local pharmacy
  • do light diagnosis and suggest when it’s time to see a doctor
  • notify you when and where to get vaccinations

I’m excited to see how the chatbot industry develops. These are just a few ideas off the top of my head but surely there will be many more innovative applications than this short list.

Your future will be run by bots, no doubt about it. Until then we’ll just have to keep doing the work ourselves.

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