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Most web pages contain images, videos, forms, comments, and advertisements. Before the browser can load this content, it must lookup the IP addresses for each domain serving those assets. For instance, images might be served from and Advertisements might be served from and

If we could block these requests, the browser wouldn't be able to load those ads. And this is exactly what PrivateDNS does.

PrivateDNS maintains a list of domains known to serve advertisements and malware. After you've configured your device(s) to use PrivateDNS, any request to one of the 114k ad-serving domains on our list is blocked, resulting in faster page loads and a safer browsing experience.

So, why not use AdBlock ? You're more than welcome to use AdBlock! We love AdBlock! But many websites are able to detect the presence AdBlock and block access to their content. By using PrivateDNS no website can detect the blockage of their ads.

To get started, set your device DNS to the following PrivateDNS IP address.

If you need help, consult the appropriate tutorial below.


Our PrivateDNS service is free because we believe everyone has the right to an ad-free internet.

However, your donations go a long way towards helping us keep the service running. We have several donation options below.

To make a recurring donation via Paypal.

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To make a one-time donation with Bitcoin.